Friday, June 21, 2013

life (layhf) | this week's little things

All week we've been scrambling to pack because we finally bought our first place!  It only took 32 years, but we take another huge leap as a family.  While we will miss the South Loop and the convenience of having friends in the neighborhood it's time to explore a new part of the city.  As I was packing I found a Friendship Journal that was given to me as a gift back in 2005.  I only filled in 30 or so pages in it, highlighting all the great traits of people I'm still lucky enough to call friends.  I contemplated ditching the journal completely, but instead I decided to move forward and fill the rest of the pages.  There is something about handwritten letters, journals or cards that just have more sentimental meaning and in my mind if you put it in ink - it means something to you.


So this week, the little thing that I'm appreciating are moments in writing. While we all sometimes fall in and out of friendship somewhat easily, the memories you write about are the ones you want to remember forever.

|What little things happened to you that made your week?|


MizzJ said...

Ahh this post makes me want to pick up writing in my journal again. It's so therapeutic to just write stuff on a page.

Congrats on your new home too!

Cassadie said...

This totally reminds me of questionnaires my friends and I used to make for each other in middle school. Don't know where they ended up, but I'm sure they would be hilarious to read now. I'm sure you will treasure this sweet book in the years to come!