Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ba·by (ba-be) | 10 things my son has taught me

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our wonderfully awesome little boy Liam.  This 1st year of motherhood has been interesting.  I mean DUH obviously I love motherhood, but I'm not going to be that mom who says that everything is coming up roses because let's be honest we know better than that.    I will say this though - being a mom has changed everything in a way I never thought was imaginable.  I loved my life the way it was before Liam was born and I had no idea how much better life would be until we had him.  He has taught me so much about myself and I've changed in a great way.  And the one point of clarification that I would like to make is that I voluntarily changed.  He didn't change me, I changed myself and this change has been for the better.


So what exactly has he taught me in the last year?  That life in it's simplest form should never be overlooked...
  1. Appreciate the things you may have overlooked in the past
  2. The small things ARE a big deal
  3. Clap and celebrate every moment in life
  4. Try everything once and if you don't like it once - don't be afraid to try it again just to re-confirm
  5. Share. Always share - even with those who may not be good at sharing with us
  6. It's ok to cry every once and awhile when you can't express how you're feeling at that moment
  7. Sometimes a hug is all you need to stop you from being upset
  8. Proceed in life with caution, but enjoy every minute
  9. An early bedtime isn't a bad idea for a person at any age
  10. Be fearless and don't be afraid by what you don't know can hurt you




"Doh! This driving stuff is so complicated!!!" #liamgram #365daysofliam #baby

It's amazing what you can learn from a tiny human being who is just getting started in life.  If anything it's a nice reminder to not let the stress of life get the best of you.


Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Liam!!!!

Johanna said...

I love that little man. Happy Birthday are wise beyond your years.

Sara said...

Omgosh I can't believe it's been a full year...happy birthday little man!

I totally love his little helmet and what it says on top. Too cute. :)

Theresa S. said...

Great affirmations....I specially like 1,2,3. Please give a big hug to the most loveable 1 year old. Happy Birthday Liam!