Monday, July 22, 2013

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There was brief stint in my mid-twenties when I thought I could be a runner.  I emphasize strongly on the word "thought".  I was active in a boot camp, which really should have been called a running camp, and even signed up for a series of races that year.  Welp - that was a few years ago.  Fast forwarded to today, where I still take fitness very seriously, but running is in a whole other category.  I was forced to put all cardio aside when I had major ankle surgery and solely concentrated on weight training for the last 3 years which proved to work really well for me.  While I'm at my pre-baby weight and perfectly content with my body, chasing after my crawling son the other day made me realize that I MUST get back to running.

While the little guy was crawling (quite speedy I must say) I was tiring out fairly quickly and it hit me.  I'm not in my 20s anymore and age is catching up to me.  So the next morning when I arrived at the gym, I went straight for the treadmill and established myself as runner in progress. It feels great to be able to keep up with Liam as he squirms away.  Even though I'm still working on my pace, I need all the motivation I can get so here are some of my favorite inspirational running boards on Pinterest!

bRUNch Running has a "I Run for Cocktails and Beer" board that serves as a reminder that hard work can be rewarded...preferably with a great bottle of wine or a bloody mary at the finish line.

Jill Will Run has a great "Running" board full of the inspirational sayings perfect to make you feel great about your progress.

As you can imagine, NIKE has a great "Gear" board that showcases all the fitness gear you wish you had to look adorable while on your run.

Last but not least, Travel Blah Blah has a "Workout Looks" board that will only make you work harder.  The board features celebs in their workout gear, which makes me hate celebs more because they prove that they look flawless even as they sweat, but it works as great motivation.

|What are some of your favorite Pinterest boards that motivate you to run or workout?|

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Amelyn said...

What did you do to get back go pre-baby weight?