Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Finding time to squeeze in any sort of pampering or beauty maintenance is tough.  Between family, work, and other obligations sadly my routine "well-being" care complete with yoga, mani/pedis, massages and yes even the dreaded waxing have taken a back seat.  When I have a free hour to myself sometimes I would rather be gabbing with a girlfriend over a few glasses of wine or, sadly enough, cleaning the bathrooms.  While time is precious, the cost of said maintenance is more of a luxury than it is a necessity and these days, I'm all about necessities.  However, if you're open minded, willing to explore different areas of the city and have a spare hour you might just find the best experience at Fit Foot.

Hidden in a row of shops on Fullerton is this wonderful gem with a one-hour massage special that re-boots my zen and makes me feel pampered at a very reasonable price.  When I say reasonable, I'm talking $28!!!

While it may not be your typical "spa" experience, this place gives the best massage and believe me those small but mighty masseuses pack a powerful punch.  So if you decide to go, which I hope you do, here are a few things to expect:
  • You are in a room with other people who are getting massages, but the dark light and extremely silent atmosphere helps you forget that you're in a room with strangers.
  • Expect a full body massage with your clothes ON - yup no nudity here, so wear tight fitting clothes to ensure the excess fabric doesn't get in the way of your relaxation.
  • If you don't like deep tissue massages, give them a heads up.  These folks mean business and I'm talking use of elbows to clear out those knots, so speak up if you want light pressure.

Fair warning - this place is addicting.  So much that you'll find yourself frequenting this place as often as possible.

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Maggie Snarkface said...

Thanks for the head up (and tips) - I need to check this place out!