Monday, December 30, 2013

mother (moth·er) | Momnonymous Mondays

I like to consider myself a mom with no (well okay...minimal) judgement.  Who am I to say that my parenting style is better than anyone else and who is to tell me that I'm not doing things right?  I learned very quickly in my first day of parenthood that no matter what you do, right or wrong, someone will always judge you.  So with that said, I'm starting a new blog series called Momnonymous Mondays.  It's a day to speak freely about the joys, pains and challenges of being a parent - It's an opportunity to agree or disagree, a day to be real - all without judgement and all done anonymously.

Here's how it works:

1) Every Monday I will have a new fill in the blank or true/false post about parenthood...good and bad
2) If you want to share your thoughts, select "Post a comment", write your thoughts and be sure to select "Anonymous" before sharing. (Out of respect for all participants non-anonymous posts will be deleted).
3) As long as you post as anonymous - your profile will be hidden from me and readers.
4) Again this is a no judgement post so feel free to vent or share positive's a chance to say what's on your mind.

With that said here is the first Momnonymous Mondays post:


Anonymous said...

Hate how they think they're lives are so much more "busy" or "important" than mine. We're ALL busy in our own ways. It's not a competition.

Anonymous said...

am thankful that I at least have some down time to myself so that I'm not complaining about how busy my life is.

Anonymous said...

either question what I am doing wrong and wonder what thier kids have that mine doesn't, or, am grateful that i'm not as stressed out as she is. honestly it depends on the mom who says it.

Anonymous said...

Think they are full of shit. (there it is, my honest opinion!:)