Thursday, January 23, 2014

amazon prime

So I quit the gym.  Ok, I take that back.  I didn't really "quit" the gym per se.  I let my membership run and didn't bother to renew it.  Making time for fitness is tough.  Finding motivation for fitness in the dead of winter is tougher.   Thus, quitting the gym.

However, working out is important to me so instead of thinking that pounding weights is the only option, I'm taking a different approach with an option that can be done in the comfort of my own home....Amazon Prime.
  • It's convenient
  • It's free (if you have an Amazon Prime subscription)
  • It has options for different types of workouts
  • It will whip your butt into shape (well ok Jillian Michaels will, but you get what I'm saying)
  • It doesn't harass me by trying to upsell me with personal training, membership renewal, etc.

Amazon Prime 2

The question of "How to fit fitness in?" came up recently on a Facebook mom group I belong to, and while yes it is difficult to fit in, we need to stop thinking that we need an hour plus in the gym because in reality - every little bit helps.  Fitness comes in all different forms and the benefit of doing videos is that it eats up less time from a busy schedule.

While I concentrate on solely doing Amazon Prime during the weekdays, I use my weekends to do something that is just as cost effective - running outside, taking advantage of new student rates at yoga studios or even free classes.  So in a nutshell - you don't need a gym to exercise, there are a lot of alternate options that will work with your schedule and budget.


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