Thursday, January 30, 2014

magalie naturals

As someone who used to participate in a lot of client entertaining, it's hard to host an event that is unique.  Nice lunches and dinners are always welcomed, but doing something like cooking classes, customizing shoes or having a jeans party is much more memorable and different.  Well last week I had the pleasure of participating in a class that was just that - something new and different. 


Last week my co-workers and I had a team outing at Magalie Naturals, a French handmade cosmetics company, where we learned how to make our very own body lotion.  We had the pleasure of having a class taught by owner Magalie who is a French native trying to teach Americans (or Canadians in my case) a little something about natural cosmetics.  With the combination of water, essential oils, chocolate butter, green tea powder and some other ingredients, we whipped up some homemade chocolate mint body lotion in no time.


While there definitely required some level of precision and attention to detail, the process was quite speedy.  Magalie is extremely knowledgeable about skincare and is so charming that I would sign up for another class just so I could absorb a fraction of what she knows.  While I myself don't have the patience to make my own products everyday, I loved knowing every ingredient that was going to be applied to my skin.


If you're looking for a group activity that offers something a little out of the norm, definitely stop by to meet Magalie and see her beautiful store front.  Her class set-up is perfect for a girls night out, bridal/baby shower, or entertaining clients.  Oh and didn't I mention that it's BYOB?  So yes, you can enjoy your favorite Pinot, Cab or shots while you cooking up something great for your body!

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