Monday, January 6, 2014

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Anonymous said...

are fooling themselves. There is nothing wrong with TV at a young age. In fact most kids shows now are educational and encourage growth.

Plus there is nothing wrong if you need a break for a bit to have your child watch a bit of tv to give yourselves a second to breath.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand when people are so opinionated about this. My kids watch TV because I need a break or I need to prepare a meal. I work FT and I monitor when and what they watch. People are goofy.

Anonymous said...

... are entitled to their own way of parenting. One of the many things I've learned as a new mom is not to judge the way others decide to parent, as I wouldn't want the same done to me. Our pediatrician completely discourages television watching. However, the reality is, there are many educational shows that will hold a child's attention. And if that's what is needed for the parent(s) to get a break, then so be it. As with everything, I feel strongly that it should be done in moderation. The television is NOT a babysitter.

Anonymous said...

why not? there are some pretty great shows for kids out there. I let my child tv, sometimes it's the only way I can get a 30 min of silence

Anonymous said...

are full of it. I think the Doctors for including it in the well kid visits are ridiculous too. I get that too much tv is not good for anyone but honestly…tv is not the only detractor for children. I think encouraging active, present parenting is a better approach rather than chastising folks into unrealistic expectations is the way to go.