Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 things to know before monday ~ 2.16.14

This week there was buzz in my social media feed and discoveries that had me laughing, crying, as well hosting a solo dance party in my office cube.  Check out my great discoveries of the week that include Le Tote, Happy Birthday Colin, iTunes Radio, and much more.


  • Baby:  If you haven't stumbled upon the Facebook page Happy Birthday Colin, you need to not only visit it, but be sure to like it!  When Colin's mom asked him if he wanted to have a party for his 11th birthday coming up in March, he told his mom that he didn't have any friends who would celebrate with him.  To prove him wrong, Colin's mom created a Facebook page that is now 1.9 Million "Likes" strong.  Talk about a great way to take advantage of social media's power.  


  • Life: Music is a necessity in my everyday life and working at a company that has really strict web access I can't access Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud or Stereo Mood.  Thankfully, I discovered iTunes Radio and absolutely love that there are playlists for every genre, as well as guest DJs like Bruno Mars or BoB.  Also, if it wasn't for the iTunes "REV" playlist, I would have never discovered this gem #selfie.
  • Fashion:  As much as I like shopping, having enough time to meander around the streets of Chicago looking for the best deals is non-existent these days.  Thankfully I discovered Le Tote this week.  This monthly subscription allows you to try, wear, exchange and purchase clothing in the most unique way.  I just received my first box and I must say - kudos to my stylist Yaz.  Not only was her customer service spectacular, but she was on point with items she placed in my box.
  • Food:  If you've been intrigued by the idea of going paleo, follow Paleo Kitchen Stories on Facebook and anticipate their blog launch so you can indulge in their drool worthy recipes.  After seeing the great paleo version of some of your favorites foods, you won't remember that something is missing.

Paleo Kitchen Stories

  • Mother: The term, "The grass is always greener" can be applied to many aspects of life.  However, for moms, this is most commonly used between the great debate of working moms vs. stay at home moms (which shouldn't even be a debate, but for some it is).  Here's an interesting report from Working Mother called The Working Mother Report that gives people an inside look at breadwinning moms.  This might make you think differently about working moms as whole.

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