Friday, February 21, 2014

gluten free goods

For the most part I stick to a gluten free diet.  I don't have celiac, but I am a little sensitive to certain foods that have wheat or flour in the ingredients so I avoid it as much as I can to refrain from any digestion issues.  When I started eating gluten free it was a choice, but when I started cutting out wheat and flour I started noticing a huge difference in the way I feel after I eat.  Every now and then I get questions like, "Don't you miss bread, pasta, etc?" and quite honestly, the sensitivity to gluten is much more common that there are many great brands that provide a gluten free option that are just as delicious as gluten full options...if not better.

So I put together a list of my favorite gluten free items that you can pick up at your local store...and even if you aren't a gluten free eater, I highly recommend giving one of these (if not all) a try to see for yourself.

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  • If you like wafer cookies, table crackers or pretzel chips -  try Glutino's Vanilla Wafers, Original CrackersPretzel Chips.
  • If you love pancakes or biscuits - try Bisquick Gluten Free Pancake Mix.  I've even used this mix to make a focascia like bread it was delicious.
  • If you like making you own pizza from scratch - try Tom Seefurth's Mamma Mia Gluten Free Pizza Dough.  Matt and I stumbled upon this brand at our local Whole Foods and everything we've tried is absolutely amazing.  Everything from their taco seasoning, chip dip, garlic dip and burger seasoning is absolutely delicious that I stock up and hoard this when I'm at the store since they sell out so easily.
  • If you love eating bread - try Goodbye Gluten Bread.  This is by far my favorite gluten free bread I've tried, but Glutino's Premium English Muffins are a close second.
  • If you think you'll miss beer - take a sip of RedBridge Beer.  These days I usually just stick to wine or brown liquor, but every now and then I crave a good beer.  I've found that gluten free beers are actually tasty and less filling.
  • If you think you'll miss pasta, you won't - try Tinkyada Rice Pasta and you'll be converted.  While there really isn't anything like a freshly made parpadelle or ravioli, this rice pasta is just as tasty.  
  • If you like a good breakfast baked good - Udi's Frozen Muffin's are sure to satisfy your taste buds.  
  • If you love frozen food - try any of the Amy's Kitchen meals.  Seriously - everything that I've eaten is absolutely amazing.  My personal favorites are the gluten free Mac N Cheese, Rice Crust pizzas, and breakfast wraps.  


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