Tuesday, February 11, 2014

mom crush ~ charlotte betts

Name: Charlotte Betts


Stats: Wife, mother to daughter Neriah, owner of Preface Agency, blogger at Milk N Honee and fellow Canadian.

Why she's crush worthy:  Charlotte is one of those women you see strolling down the street and you think to yourself, "I wish I was that put together".  Her sense of amazingly unique style shines through so vibrantly and her approachable personality is just as bright.  She has a realistic and positive outlook on life that will have you aspiring to be a mom that is so calm and collected. Aside from being a great mother and wife, she runs her business Preface Agency, a styling agency exclusively dedicated to helping mothers achieve looks that are both fashionable and functional.

As a mother who makes fashion look so effortlessly chic, she proves to others that being fashionable, smart, an amazing wife and mother IS achievable.  Here's a glimpse of how Charlotte does it all with her thoughts on.....

  • Just because we have a daughter, my husband and I never lose sight of...who we are and what we mean to each other. Matter of fact our personalities haven't changed much. We were silly and crazy when we met, and 7 years later, we're pretty much the same LOL. Our responsibilities have changed but we still find time to make each other laugh.
  • An important piece of keeping a marriage successful after having a child isto never forget to make time for each other. I think that spending time alone without your child(ren) is important . It allows you to be husband and wife and just enjoy each other's company. 

  • I would define the relationship with my daughter as One based on the purest unconditional love. That little girl is truly the joy of our lives. The road to  pregnancy was a little rocky and so when we found out we were expecting it was (and still is) one of our greatest joys. To every mom a child is a blessing. But my Neriah is a blessing with a cherry on top :)

Being a Business Owner
  • I started my business because I really wanted to be able to combine what I love and be of service to other women/moms. As mothers, we don't always take time for ourselves. We're either working, taking care of our family and pretty much keeping our households together. Which leaves little to no time to do other things. At Preface Agency we take care of you. Our services allow moms to look good and feel good. We offer a shopping services, closet audits (our most popular service) or personal styling for the expecting mom looking to dress her baby bump, or the new mom learning to embrace her new curves. We also offer styling services for professional family photos. We have a great team of photographers, makeup and hair stylists ready to pamper you and your loved ones.


  • No matter how busy I am, I always make time to… Meditate. Quiet time alone with no distractions is a must for me. Meditating on scriptures or simply listening to music that uplifts my spirit really does something for as a being. I take time out daily for some quiet time; no kid, no husband. A little quiet time is health.


  • I never make enough time to .... Pamper myself. I would love to take a day off every week to go to the spa, get a mani and a pedi and just hang with my girls. That's actually on my "Make it Happen" for 2014. Maybe not once a week but definitely once a month :)

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