Wednesday, April 9, 2014

mom crush ~ caitlin murray giles

Name:  Caitlin Murray Giles


Stats:  Wife, mom of three, blogger at Wee Windy City and PR/marketing maven who is the co-founder of 2 Moms Media - an integrated marketing company that specializes in creating authentic connections with consumers, specifically women and moms.

Why she's crush worthy:  Caitlin is a mom and a darn good one at that, so it makes sense that as a career she helps her clients speak to moms in a way that makes them listen.  She gets to work with great companies like Red Tricycle, Bump Club and much more, so much that you wonder when she has time to balance being a mom, wife and well-known Chicago blogger - but she does it while making it look so effortless.  

Meet Caitlin and learn how she juggles it all with her thoughts on....
On Marriage
  • Having kids has made my marriage… more meaningful. Marriage is easy (at least easier) when it is just about the two of you. Knowing that we have three little people who depend on us has really defined our commitment to each other long term.
  • My husband really understands that I….like to be busy (and I am happier when I am busy)
  • Date nights are…important. We should plan more of them frankly. I’ve learned that our marriage has to be a priority in order to have a happy family.
  • A successful marriage post baby requires...compromise. Take inventory and make sure that (at least most) of everyone’s needs are being met.
On Being a Mom
  • I wish someone would have warned me about…exhaustion and the importance of time management to make sure that everyone in the family gets their needs met (including your own!)
  • My kids inspire me to…. lead a full life. Watching my oldest grow from a baby to a ten year-old in the blink of an eye has made me realize how fast life goes. I don’t want to miss out on anything!
  • The biggest adjustment I’ve had since having my kids is….I feel like I have to use every minute of everyday efficiently (but sometimes that includes making the smart decision to take a nap).

  • I’m the type of mother who…...can laugh with her kids and accept them for who they are. 
  • I’m inspired by other moms that…are compassionate and understanding to other moms -- no matter what their situation. Moms who judge others for their choices don’t get that we are all doing the best we can and this isn’t a one-size fits all situation.
  • Now that I’m a mom, I have a greater appreciation for…what my own parents did for me. This job isn’t easy.

On Being a Business Owner

  • My definition of success is…. getting what YOU need from your work.
  • Now that I have kids,  my views on work…Every woman needs to have a way to support herself and her family. I feel very strongly about this. You never know what life will bring and you need to be prepared to take care of your kids -- no matter what. It is important to me that my daughter have all of the tools she needs to take care of herself.   
  • I’m so thankful that my job allows me to….control my own schedule and pick up my kids from school and always be able to say “yes, I will be there for your school play, soccer medal ceremony, etc.” I am very fortunate to have this flexibility in my work life (even if it means working until 11:00 pm some nights to get everything done).
  • My field of work requires me to…juggle, juggle, juggle! Clients needs things now. Kids need things now. I try my best every day to meet everyone’s needs. 

On Herself

  • I need to be better about…exercise. It is always the first thing to go when my weekly schedule gets too busy.
  • I’m motivated by…all of the experiences and opportunities that lie ahead. I know that my life is what I make of it. That thought gets me through the days when I am tired and overwhelmed. I figure that there will be plenty of time to rest later.
  • This year, I’m looking forward to..growing my kiddos and growing my business!
Caitlin is the mom that I would love to shadow for a day to get a full understanding of how she's able to juggle it all. Her views on work is one that I think is extremely important because like her, I strongly believe that you never know what the future has in store and you have to be prepared for any situation. It's women like Caitlin who prove that there are careers out there that still allow us to be accessible moms - it's just a matter of scheduling your day according - and maybe losing an hour or 2 of sleep - but it's all worth it!

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