Thursday, April 10, 2014

throwback thought ~ price tags mean something

Growing up my mom was a Marshalls Maven even before the Maxxinista existed and I remember thinking, "URGH why can't I just buy clothes full price." It wasn't so much that I couldn't find cute things at Marshalls but more so that the price of the items meant something.  All I wanted to do was shop the non-sale racks – thinking that buying clothes full price meant that I was more fashionable. 

Now, all I do is shop sales racks and this time it’s by choice.

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I remember so vividly in high school when a group of girls were talking about a gift they bought one of their girlfriends for her birthday.  They talked about this great gift, but then added that as a “joke gift” they bought some shirts at Marshalls.  They giggled then went along their merry way skipping to class.  I bowed my head down when I overheard this conversation and felt like I was turning the brightest red possible because I shopped at Marshalls for everyday clothes, but felt ashamed.

All through high school I had this feeling that I needed to buy things in-store at full price otherwise I would be seen as a joke.  While my mom shopped at Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and JC Penney for some of my staple items – I was always embarrassed to say where I bought my clothes because it was below the level of what any fashionable person would do. 

It wasn’t until I went away to college (and truthfully maybe even after that) when I started to see things differently.  The skills my mother taught me about shopping sales racks, finding good deals and holding out until the price is reduced – it wasn't to punish me - it was to teach me survival skills!  She taught me this for a reason – to find my own inner style without letting price tags define my sense of fashion.  

These days I absolutely try to avoid buying anything full price as much as possible and when I do – it has to be something I absolutely need to have.  While some amazing items you must need in life will never go on sale, I've learned that making the best of what I have and can afford, will make more of a statement than anything that will break my bank.   

Throwback Thought is a new series exploring random thoughts that I once thought to be true. 

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