Friday, May 2, 2014

crack pie

Over Easter while many people were planning meals around ham or roasted lamb...I was planning mine around dessert.  I stumbled upon a recipe for the famous Momofoku Milk Bar's Birthday Cake and the baking bug hit me.  While I would have LOVED to make this, the frosting calls for cream cheese and the Mr. will have nothing to do with it.  So, I went with the next best option...Crack Pie!

image via Let Me Eat Cake

Now let's get it straight - I've been to Milk Bar, but sadly have never tried the real thing.  I've had cookies, cake balls and some other great sweets, but this is one thing that I should have tried.  Hearing how addictive and delicious it is, I decided that instead of ordering a pie for delivering - I would try to re-create it myself.  Thanks to this recipe, I was able to have a taste of the sweet goodness in the comfort of my own home.


I'm not an avid baker - in fact I hate it because it requires patience and precision that I don't have, but I was surprised that even I was able to bake something as complex as this pie.  If you decide to make this at home, you should know that the crust is a bit of a process.  It's essentially baking your own cookies, cool them and building a crust out of it, but the outcome is worth it.


So the verdict?  If my version of the pie is anything like the real thing, then it's definitely earned it's name.  Even though I did enjoy making this at home, like I said, I'm not a baker and if I want to satisfy a craving then I'll place an order through the trust world wide web.  However, if you're nothing like me and enjoy the things that baking has to offer - DEFINITELY try this recipe.  It's absolutely scrum-diddle-y-umptious!

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SnackPie said...

so do they actually refer the deadly substance of abuse, the drug, like the pie is so addictive? =)