Saturday, June 28, 2014

embracing change

Lately there has been one re-occuring topic that has come up in many of my conversations and that is...change.  Change in careers, change in relationships, change in lifestyles, and as  difficult as it is, sometimes change is the key to a happy life.  

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Since recently celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, a lot of people have asked the age old question of, "So what advice do you have to keep a long lasting relationship?"  And since I'm nowhere near qualified to give any advice, I simply speak the truth by saying "love is hard - marriage is harder, but for us what has truly made our marriage great is constant change."

Since getting married Matt and I have lived in 9 homes, owned 6 cars, resided in 3 states, and had 1 child.  In 10 years...that's a lot of change.  Not to mention that during this period Matt and I have switched jobs more than a few times.  From what I've read, many of the things that cause relationships to end are life changes that switch the dynamic of a relationship...finances, moves, careers, and children.  All things that are constantly fluctuating in our relationship (well maybe except the child part) and because things are always evolving for us, we've learned to embrace every aspect of change in ourselves, but especially in our relationship.  Individually we are changing everyday.  Today I love tomatoes on my salad and tomorrow I could hate them.  We have no control over how we're going to change today, tomorrow or in the next 20 years, but what we can control is how we adapt.  While change is scary is shit, it's what makes everyday exciting and sometimes you'll find yourself looking back wondering how you lived life in such a different way!

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