Monday, July 21, 2014

teaching my son about friendship

As we approach Liam's 2nd birthday, I'm starting to realize that this is right around the age where first friendships form.  Whether it be through daycare, playgroups, parents' friends - this is the age where the idea of playing with others begins to develop into something more meaningful.  As I watch Liam grow these special relationships, I find myself collecting all the tidbits of advice that I want to share with him and can only hope he takes all of it to heart as he gets older.

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Growing up (and to this day), my childhood friends are an extension of my family.  I can only hope that Liam is fortunate to have such amazing friendships in his life and as he starts making new friends, these are the things I want to teach him....


  • Every person you meet, every encounter you have in your life is for a reason.  There are no mistakes when it comes to introductions and while all friendships are a two way street, so much of your future friendships rests in how much work you want to put into it.
  • Be known as a person that develops meaningful, thoughtful and genuine relationships with those you meet in life.
  • Gravitate to those that are different than you and let them teach you a new way of looking at life.
  • You don't always need to have answers, just be there to listen and support your friends during their time of need.
  • Make mistakes in your friendships - while it can be a bumpy road to overcome, these challenging moments will identify the true meaning of your relationship.
  • Expect yourself and your friends to change in life.  You might change in different ways (and that's completely fine), but embrace it and use the special moments that made you smile as a reminder of your friendship.
  • Never stop making new friends.  New, old or renewed, the people you surround yourself shape so much of who you are.  Making new friends, always means that you're learning something new and exciting about yourself!


What are you teaching your kids about friendships?

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