Tuesday, August 12, 2014

5 reasons why you should read blogs

As many know, blogging is my hobby.  And working with blogs?  Well it happens to be my full-time gig.  So as you can image, I often get a lot of questions about blogs.  How to start one? Which ones to read? What some bloggers are like in real life? How to get free stuff? But the question I get asked the most is, why do you read blogs?  In my opinion, reading blogs is such a personal experience.  We only read blogs that relate to our interests or life experiences (afterall isn't the point of blogging), but the ones we choose to read are based on personal tastes.  What I like to read may not make sense for others and while everyone has their own reason for reading blogs, I've put together my short list of the reasons why I encourage people to read them more often.

Reading blogs is like an intimate relationship and it all starts with a first date....


You are introduced to the blog and you glance at the high quality pics thinking, "What am I going to have in common with this person?"  But you continue to read on because your curiosity has peaked and you see that in between the perfectly captured life moments, is commentary that catches your eye.  "Oh wow she's a mom just like me and lives in Chicago."  You read on.  The next thing you know, you've liked her Facebook page, follow her instagram feed (know what she fed her dog for dinner last night), read her blog daily and all of a sudden you're committed.  You're in a committed relationship with stories from a blogger that you personally don't know, but feel you have a connection with.  So the reason why you should read blogs is quite simple...
  • It helps you cope and overcome your imperfections.  Today I opened up my Facebook feed and saw that Curvatude shared some disturbing comments around the trending conversation #fatkini based on an article that Buzzfeed published.  Jaye (the blogger behind Curvatude) is amazing and empowers women to embrace their bodies (curves and all), but while we all can't be as confident and self-assured as Jaye is - she is the type of blogger that gets us one step closer to personal acceptance.
  • It connects you with others who have similar personal experiences.  I hate that I'm sharing this story because it's not a happy one, but it's one that I know many can relate to.  Anna from See Jane speaks about the loss of her father and while I can't imagine what she's going through, I felt her pain.  To be honest, I never really followed her blog too often because her lifestyle was so different from mine, but this story made me feel like I could relate to her more.  Bloggers take risks with sharing personal stories that could backlash into negative feedback, but most of the time their stories (good or bad) are ones that comfort us knowing that they too are just like me.
  • It cultivates a hobby or passion that differs from your existing relationships.  That is what the blogging community is about.   Finding other bloggers, other like minded people who have one or more of the same interests that you do.  So you absolutely are obsessed with world travels and want restaurant recommendations?  Great, there's a blog for that.  You love making crochet headbands and want to open up your own etsy shop?  There's a blog for that too.  I guarantee that whatever your interest is, you'll find a community who loves the same thing and will make you feel at home.
  • It breeds recommendations and inspiration.  Blogs are where Pinterest Pins are born!  All those pretty pictures and set-ups, majority of them originate from a blogger that created them just for you.  Blogs are the best place to find recipes, inspirations for your next party, but also prepare you for things you've never purchased before (ie: buying for a nursery).  They pretty much are the best destination to get new ideas for your daily lifestyle.
  • It helps you understand who you are and who you want to be.  It's nice to see celebrities live fancy lives and wear expensive clothes, but when I'm reading US Weekly my favorite part of that whole magazine is the "They're Just Like Us" section.  Why? Because it makes them more human.  I want to hear stories about people like me.  Why?  Because they are set to achieve the same goals that I have for myself.  They set an example and inspire me to follow in their footsteps.  Whether you want to be a business owner or a really mother - there is a blogger out there who will tell you about the joys, pains, challenges and moments of defeat, but even more that blogger will be there to inspire you to be the most successful version of you, you can be!