Sunday, December 14, 2014

filling the void

Not that I want to quickly breeze through the holidays, but I'm already a little sad knowing that eventually our holiday decorations have to come down.  There is something so cozy about having the tree, stockings, lights and garland up around the house.  It's hard to replicate that feeling, but then again we've never really spent the time to fully decorate our walls.  With a new year coming up, this is all going to change and it all starts with Minted!


Anyone that is co-habitating knows that finding a common ground on home decor is a little tough, but luckily both Matt and I agree on simplicity.  Maybe too simple that we've been keeping the walls naked for so long.  To re-create that coziness, I've been browsing through Minted to find the right artwork for fill that void.  I first discovered that Minted offered art when we were exploring holiday card options and I was derailed by art instead.  After scouring the marketplace of independent artists, and being pleasantly overwhelmed with options, I gravitated to art that grabs me the most...maps!

image via minted

I have this weird obsession with maps and specifically not the colorful ones - it's the two toned maps that come in solid, sepia or blueprint paper that I'm particularly obsessed with.  On top of that, the older they look the better - so vintage is really the best deal.  There's something so complex about maps that make them great art, but I love that it's also such simple, everyday thing.  The limited pictures that we do have on our wall showcase our small but mighty family, as well as our travels and an over sized map is surely the best way to cozy up our living room.

image via minted

Luckily, Minted's Art Marketplace has a ton of great options and makes it easy to narrow down your search by their extensive filter function.  I found a handful of maps that I love and am now stuck with the tough decision of having to narrow it down to one.  The best part of Minted's art offerings (and this really is icing on the cake for me) is that they have framing options with up to 13 different types of frames to choose from - making it so much easier to get the art up on your wall as soon as it arrives.  So while I'm extremely bummed at the end of the holidays when we have to take our decorations down, I have another great way to cozy up my home!

image via minted

Disclosure: Minted sponsored this posted.  All opinions are my own.

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