Wednesday, December 3, 2014

rooted center

Before Thanksgiving I attended the most amazing event at the Rooted Center and I can't stop talking about it to all my friends.  Never have I been to a place or event where you're asked to remove your masks and just be true to yourself.  This therapeutic event was unique, memorable and one that I encourage others to experience especially during those moments of discomfort in your life.


It can be unnerving opening up to a complete group of strangers and acquaintances, but it can also be seen as an opportunity to share whatever is on your mind with those that you know won't judge you.  The experience at Rooted Center allows you to clean your mind of those things that are clouding your true intentions and offers clarity that can help guide you through whatever obstacles you are experiencing in life whether it be weight loss, relationship issues, self-doubt, etc.  The mind "exercises" offered at Rooted Center help you identify those hard to pin point issues that are causing stress in your life and provide baby steps on how to overcome them.


At the time (which really was only 2 weeks ago), I was at one of those moments in life where you're left with a lot of uncertainty, unpredictability and discomfort.  With a lot of stuff going on between unemployment, holiday season, job searching, etc - I was stressing out a lot internally, but never let anyone see me sweat it until this event.  We participated in a small group conversation, but spent majority of the event doing an art therapy exercise guided by a facilitator who asked all the right questions to release my mind's tension.  So much of that tension was released in free form art that helped me get rid of a lot of my frustration.  Let me tell you that I didn't expect to respond the way that I did after the exercise.  My emotions were completely overwhelming.  After unleashing everything that I was feeling, shedding a few tears and hearing other stories I felt rejuvenated.  It's never anyone's intention to cry, but for me it felt amazing.  Life moves so fast that sometimes you just need a good cry and mine was long overdue.  After releasing so many emotions I felt motivated and had a clear vision of what to do next with what I had learned that night.


I love the support that I get from my family and friends, but sometimes what you need is a room full of strangers who are open minded to help you overcome anything that is mentally eating you up.  Without knowing it, sometimes it's the people around you that are causing your life's stress and strangers can be the ones to help you see what isn't clear to you.  A class at Rooted Center isn't a magic wand that will make all your life stresses disappear, but what you will gain from it is a better understanding of who you are right now in this current stage of life and ideas of what you need to overcome anything that is causing major stress.  I can't recommend one of their classes enough and honestly would much rather do this type of group therapy than the one on one sessions.  Take it from someone who has done a lot of therapy - this one is definitely worth checking out!  Thanks to Sarah from Balanced Babe, Shruti from Rooted Center, and Kitchfix for hosting this eye opening event! 

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