Monday, February 9, 2015

valentine's isn't for lovers

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine's Day. As much as I love the hearts, flowers, candy and making Valentine's Day cards - to me, this holiday is an excuse to wear your best pink and red outfits. I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this, and it may be seen as a little cold hearted, but hear me out. If you love someone unconditionally - why wait until February to show that person how much you love them? Now grant it, I'm the most un-romantic person ever, in fact the whole thing makes me super uncomfortable, but still I don't believe that proclaiming your love should be limited to one day a year.

I do, however, believe in dressing for every occasion. Knowing my views on this love holiday, you can imagine that we don't do anything spectacular because frankly, competing for reservations on a night when everyone is trying to eat at the hottest restaurants just doesn't seem that appealing. Instead, we spend Valentine's Day doing something low key which usually involves a movie or eating at a restaurant in our hood - just the way we like it. Since we don't go anywhere super extravagant, dressing for this holiday requires something comfy, stylish and obviously a lot of pink or red.

When I started shopping around for my Valentine's Day outfit, I had no doubt that I could find everything I needed from ShopLately. In fact, you can get lost in the sea of amazing finds, but I had my eye on something that would embrace the holiday's colors. After finding this amazing crop top, I knew that all I needed was a good statement piece. There were so many great necklace options, but since I had so many complements on my necklace from our holiday shoot, I gravitated to the same vendor Lily Wang to find the perfect neck piece. I love that ShopLately is a one stop destination and is perfect to shop for special occasions - not to mention that their Insider Program offers free shipping all year round for an annual $9 fee. 

Dress - Target, Shirt & Necklace - c/o Shoplately, Shoes - Nine West

So while Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday, it is the best excuse to buy something that makes you feel pretty. If you're in the market for something special to wear, check out ShopLately. Some of their vendors will even get your items to you in 1 day - which is pretty stellar especially if you're in a pinch.


Johanna said...

Tab, you look beautiful! I love this color palette on you - dare I say, pink is a stunner on you. Hopefully I will see you tonight! xo

Deanna said...

Love your outfit! I have a dress like that with pleats but floral print also from Target-did you just layered the top with that shirt? The top part of my dress is spagetti straps so wondering if this dress is designed the same way? Thanks for sharing!

Lorena said...

The necklace is the perfect pieces to bring this outfit together -
For me Valentines is just another day - i've had the worst restaurant experiences that date-